Demand Side Platform (DSP) Course

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Basic Course

Dive into the technical side of Well Planned Advertiser by learning how to utilize the Demand Side Platform (DSP). We begin with the tracking website data with pixels. Next, I’ll train you how to build audiences, create your campaign artwork, and setting up your campaigns. Let’s dive In!

Rebecca Farris

Marketing Strategist and Creator of Well Planned Advertiser


  1. Demand Side Platform - DSP Overview
  2. Tracking with Pixels - Overview
  3. Tracking with Pixels - Creating & Installation
  4. Tracking with Pixels - Verifying Your Pixel Installation
  5. Targeting an Audience - Overview
  6. Targeting an Audience - How to Build an Audience
  7. Create Artwork - Overview
  8. Create Artwork - Banner Instructions
  9. Create Artwork - Native Ad Instructions
  10. Create Artwork - HTML5 Instructions
  11. Converting with Campaigns - Overview
  12. Converting with Campaigns - Setting up a Campaign
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