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Campaign Creatives


Programmatic ad creatives are similar to other ad platforms, utilizing banner display ads, often .jpg images. However, you can go beyond simple banner ads by incorporating native ads. These are displayed as content with the look and feel of the website in which they appear or as animated HTML5 ads with the benefit of movement to draw the audience’s eye. There are even advanced HTML5 ads displaying content based on the specific person viewing the ad, time of day, etc.

DSP ad campaigns are divided by creative type: display, audio, or video ads. When developing a campaign strategy, the primary goal is to maximize deliverables. This means that you want to have a plethora of ad creatives within the campaign, allowing you to bid on and win the maximum ad spots available. 

In this article we are focusing on the most effective campaign type, the display ads. These ads have the lowest cost, are the easiest to create, boast the highest deliverable stats, and, most importantly, achieve the greatest number of clicks. We will summarize our niche market analysis from creative data in 2023. 

Most Frequently Delivered Ad Sizes

The data on 2023 campaigns shows that traditional display ads, using .jpg banner images, native ads, or animated HTML5 ads, deliver well! 

The top five delivered ad sizes will help you understand how your campaign is presented, helping you determine artwork design.

From this data, we also learn the importance of uploading all available ad sizes. The combined total deliveries from the top five sizes is 75%, leaving the remaining 25% dispersed between the other fifteen ad sizes.

Top 5 Delivered Ad Sizes 

Percentage of delivered ads in a campaign

  • 300×250
    Inline rectangle ad size averaged 28%- 32% 
  • 320×50
    Mobile leaderboard ad size averaged 22%- 26% 
  • 728×90
    Leaderboard ad size averaged 12%-15% 
  • 970×250
    Billboard ad size averaged 9% – 12% 
  • 336×280
    Large rectangle ad size averaged 4% – 6% 

Top Performing Ad Sizes

When we look at creative ad performance, we are analyzing the audience clicks. Clicks are always a good indication of how receptive the audience is to your ad creative: how well your ad is designed or animated and the clarity of the ad text.

Similar to the top five delivered ad stats above, the top five performing ads received 71% of all ad clicks. This indicates that 29% of clicks are from the remaining fifteen sizes. Yet again, this implies the necessity to create all twenty sizes of ads when running a campaign.

Top 5 Performing Ad Sizes 

Percentage of clicks within a campaign.

  • 320×50
    Mobile leaderboard ad size averaged of 27%
  • 728×90
    Leaderboard ad size averaged 18%
  • 300×250
    Inline rectangle ad size averaged 15%
  • 160×600
    Wide skyscraper ad size averaged 6% 
  • 300×600
    Half page ad size averaged 5%

Display Ad Summary

Although the programmatic ad industry can be intimidating with its advanced machine learning and AI, it’s also built on marketing fundamentals that include simple display ads. As you strategize your campaigns and begin brainstorming your creative assets, keep in mind the ad sizes that deliver and perform the best, ensuring your campaigns are set for success.

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